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Avocet hardare are suppliers of high quality window and doors hardware and home security systems. we offer the best solution to each and every customer we work with. Below you can see the details of each job we have completed.

Avocet's Affinity PAS024 3D Hinge is popular with Garrard Windows' customers- 10/05/2011

National fabricator Garrard Windows now offers the innovative Affinity PAS024 3D Hinge from Avocet Hardware.

Colin Nappin, Production Manager at Garrard Windows, says the Buckinghamshire-based company has been buying from Avocet for more than 10 years because it sells a good range of quality products which are competitively priced.

He says: "The Affinity PAS024 3D Hinge is extremely popular with our customers, more than 65% of our doors are made with it. It's quick to assemble because it has fewer components. This makes it less fiddly. In the factory the hinge saves two minutes on every door we fabricate. This adds up when you are producing large orders. Our customers are really pleased with it because it makes doors easier to install too."

The Affinity PAS024 3D Hinge has just four parts compared to traditional 3D hinges which have many more, and no shims or packers are needed. It also has an encapsulated butt design to ensure easy installation. It is fully suited with the Affinity range and is available in white, gold, chrome, caramel and brown.

Last year Garrard Windows moved into a new factory in Pitstone, Buckinghamshire. Colin adds: "The new 43,500 sq ft factory is enabling us to expand the business and increase capacity by 500 frames a week."

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